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Slumberland is one of the most reputable brand of institutional bedding products, using the exclusive technology and expertise of Slumberland Pic of the United Kingdom whose products are licensed throughout the world. Slumberland products are widely recognized as the world leader in their own field with design, comfort and durability unmatched by competitive products.

We at Slumberland, believe firmly that the hallmark of success is how well we meet the needs of our customer, We are dedicated therefore, to understand our customer's requirement and utilizing our manufacturing and research experience creatively to satisfy those needs.

Slumberland uses its unique Posture Springing which is the registered trade mark for a continuous coil innerspring unit with interlocking springs. This unique springing system is being made in more than 40 countries. On top of the spring unit is a tough Firmalator, an insulating pad made of Polyester Needle-Loomed sheeting. It is cushioned with durable layers of garneted cotton in our special manufacturing process and encases with fire retardant and anti-dust mite damask fabric.

Slumberland has built up over generations the most respected, widely know name and reputation in the industry. This name and reputation will continue for generations to come.


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